Produktvergleich Cinema 4D

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Purple color indicates new feature
Cross-platform support for Mac & Windowsxxxxx
64-bit architecturexxxxx
OpenGL 3.0 supportxxxxx
Extensive API: C++, Python, C.O.F.F.E.E.xxxx
Interface & WorkflowLitePrimeBroadcastVisualizeStudio
Context-sensitive, fully-searchable HTML helpxxxxx
To Do Listxxxxx
Multiple projects open at oncexxxxx
Customizable toolbars / layouts / menusxxxxx
Light and dark interface schemesxxxxx
Unlimited view windowsxxxxx
Heads-up displayxxxxx
Custom pop-up menuxxxxx
Non-modal tools with realtime feedbackxxxxx
Collapsible Managers & Palettesxxxxx
Selection / display filtersxxxxx
Custom User Data per objectxxxxx
Doodle viewport annotation toolxxxx
Layer system for object & material managementxxxxx
XRef external instancing / referencing systemxxxx
Tablet support for Wacom and other pen tabletsxxxxx
3dconnexion 3DMouse supportxxxx
Stereo display in Viewportxxxx
OpenGL Viewportxxxxx
Object highlightingxxxxx
Available in 11 languagesxxxxx
Arabic interface supportxxxx
OS X Lion Fullscreen supportxxxx
Retina Iconsxxxx
Solo Buttonxxxx
Annotations Tagxxxx
User Participationxxxx
New Crashhandlerxxxx
Misc Workflow Enhancementsxxxx
Camera, Target Camera, Stereo Cameraxxxxx
Motion Cameraxxx
Camera Composition Helpersxxxxx
Camera Focus Pickerxxxxx
Camera Calibratorxx
Camera Morphxxx
Camera Cranexxx
Data Exchange / Format SupportLitePrimeBroadcastVisualizeStudio
QuickTime supportxxxxx
AVI supportWinWinWinWinWin
Image formats – float with layers: PSD, TIFF, OpenEXRxxxxx
Image formats – float: HDR, DPX, RLA, RPFxxxxx
Image formats: BMP, IFF, JPG, PICT, PNG, TARGAxxxxx
Quicktime VR object, panoramaxxxxx
CINEWARE compatiblexxxxx
After Effects compositing exchange with 3D dataxxxx
Nuke exchangexxxx
Photoshop exchangexxxxx
Apple Motion compositing exchange with 3D dataxxxx
Apple Final Cut Pro compositing exchangeMacMacMacMac
Digital Fusion compositing exchangeWinWinWinWin
Shake compositing exchangexxxx
Support of DXF, DWG, 3DS, DAE, FBX, DEM, LWS, STL, VRML2, OBJ, COLLADA, Alembicx*xxxx
IGES importerxx
Okino connection – seamless CAD file import via optional PolyTrans software (Windows only)xx
BodyPaint 3D exchange – 3ds Max, Maya, Softimage and Lightwavexxxx
Support of most current FBX and Alembic formats (FBX 2014 & Alembic 1.5)xxxx
* Import only
Modeling ToolsLitePrimeBroadcastVisualizeStudio
Parametric object primitivesxxxxx
Scene Objects: Floor, Sky, Environment, Stage, Foreground, Backgroundxxxxx
Parametric spline primitivesxxxxx
Extrude, Lathe, Loft, Sweepxxxxx
Polygonal modeling tools with N-gon supportxxxx
Subdivision surfacesxxxxx
Modeling Generators: Metaball, Boolean, Symmetry, Array, Atom Array, Instance, Connect, Spline Mask, Pythonx*xxxx
PolyPen Toolxxxx
Bevel Deformerxxxx
Enhanced Cogwheelxxxx
Improved Symmetry Objectxxxx
Deformer Falloffxxxx
Mesh Checkxxxx
Sculpt functionalityx
Sculpt Brushesx
C++ Sculpt Brush APIx
Python Support for lib_sculptx
R16 Sculptingx
UV EditingLitePrimeBroadcastVisualizeStudio
UV Editorxxxx
Interactive UV mapping by projection typesxxxx
Optimal UV mapping to automatically remove seamsxxxx
LSCM unwrapping and relaxingxxxx
ABF unwrapping and relaxingxxxx
UV Peelerxxxx
UVs for Capsxxxx
UV Enhancementsxxxx
Materials & TexturingLitePrimeBroadcastVisualizeStudio
13 standard material channels: Color, Diffusion, Luminance, Transparency, Reflection, Environment, Fog, Bump, Normal, Alpha, Specular, Glow, Displacementxxxxx
Transparency with absorption, total internal reflections, exit reflectionsxxxxx
Blurry reflections and transparenciesxxxxx
Normal maps: tangent, object or worldxxxxx
Displacement: intensity (centered), red/green and RGBxxxxx
Choose Photoshop PSD layers per usagexxxxx
Animated textures (MOV, AVI, sequence) with viewport previewxxxxx
Selectable viewport resolution and channel display per materialxxxxx
Shading models: Phong, Blinn, Oren-Nayarxxxxx
Fresnel Shader incl. physically correct IORxxxxx
Noise Procedural shader with 32 different noise algorithmsxxxxx
Layer shaderxxxxx
Proximity-based Proximal shaderxxxxx
Procedural surface shadersxxxxx
Texture baking: surface color, illumination, Ambient Occlusion, Normals, displacement and morexxxxx
Sub-polygon displacementxx
Sub-Surface Scatteringxxx
Terrain Mask shaderxx
Brick, Wood, Weathering, Pavement and Normalizer Shadersxxxx
Sketch & Toon Art, Hatch, Spot (halftone) Shadersxx
3D Painting with layers, all blend modes and Photoshop file compatibilityxxxxx
Multi-brush painting of multiple material channels in single strokexxxxx
Raybrush painting directly onto rendered resultxxxxx
Projection paintingxxxxx
Exchange projections with Photoshopxxxxx
Camera Mappingxxxxx
ProjectionMan camera mapping workflow toolxxxxx
Texture Managerxxxx
Grass Material Shaderxx
Brick Shader Enhancementsxxxx
Reflectance Channelxxxx
Light Types: Omni, Spot, Infinite, Area, Square Spot, Parallel Spot, Square Parallel Spotxxxxx
Hard, Soft, Area shadowsxxxxx
Visible, Volumetric and Inverse Volumetric lightingxxxxx
Noise within light illumination or visibilityxxxxx
Include/exclude light diffusion, specular, shadow per objectxxxxx
Custom lens flaresxxxxx
Color temperature in Kelvinxxxxx
Photometric brightness setting in Candela and Lumenxxxxx
Support of IES light dataxx
Render up to 128,000 pixels square / 32 bits per pixel800 x 600xxxx
Bucket renderingxxxxx
Render instancesxxxxx
Color profile supportxxxxx
Camera white balancexxxxx
Linear workflowxxxxx
Adaptive antialiasingxxxxx
Multi-Pass outputx*xxxx
Object buffers – specify unique alpha channels per objectx*xxxx
Ambient Occlusionxxxxx
Global Illumination (IR 2.0, QMC, mixed)xxxx
Physical Renderer with physical camera, high-qualitiy depth of field, high-quality motion blurxxx
Stereo renderingxxxx
Depth of Field post effectPassxx
Vector Motion Blur post effectPassxx
Position Passxxxxx
CineMan Renderman-compliant bridgexx
Sketch and Toon non-photorealistic renderingxx
Pyrocluster volumetric particle renderingxx
Physical Skyxx
3D Sound Renderingxxxxx
Picture Viewer : RAM player, color correction, image merge, anaglyph preview and morexxxxx
Watermark post effectxxxx
Render Queue batch rendering systemxxxx
Universal Sampler (GI-QMC)xxxx
Radiosity mapsxxxx
Embree Integrationxxx
Light Mappingxxxx
Normal Passxxxx
Team Render (Number of Nodes)x (3)x (3)x (unlimited)
Team Render Server (Number of Nodes)x (3)x (3)x (unlimited)
BiRender – Non-Photorealistic Rendering (Sketch and Toon & Hair)xx
* Only available thru AE CINEMA 4D Layer
Easy one-click record button to keyframe Position, Scale, Rotation, Point Level animation and user-defined parametersxxxxx
Record dot animation of all animatable parametersxxxxx
Automatic keyframingxxxxx
Cappucino – realtime keyframingx
PowerSlider animation toolbar for playback and keyframe manipulationxxxxx
Timeline – up to four timeline windows with customizable track display and dopesheet or F-Curve view modesx*xxxx
F-Curve Snapshot and Reduced Modification curvesxxxx
Constant Velocity option per trackxxxxx
Keyframe reductionxxxx
Keyframe bakingxxxx
ASCII animation importxxxx
Non-linear animation / motion mixing systemxxxx
Constraints: PSR, Up-Vector, Clamp, Mirror, Parent, Aim, Springxxxx
Driver tagx
XPresso – node-based Expression Editorx**xxxx
Virtual Walkthrough tool – first-person scene navigation and animationxx
Interaction Tagxxxx
Animation Dotsxxxx
Motion Trackerx
* One Timeline window only
** Does not include the Python Node
Dynamic AnimationLitePrimeBroadcastVisualizeStudio
Basic particle systemxxxx
Thinking Particles node-based particle systemx
Rigid Body dynamics for MoGraph objectsxx
Rigid Body dynamicsx
Joints, Springs, Motorsx
Soft Body dynamicsx
Aerodynamics forcesx
Plastic & Breaking Springsx
Breaking Connectorsx
Cloth dynamics & dressing functionsx
Hair dynamicsx
Spline dynamicsx
MoGraph ToolsLitePrimeBroadcastVisualizeStudio
Cloner objectxx
Fracture objectx*xx
Matrix objectxx
MoInstance objectxx
MoText objectxx
Tracer objectxx
Spline Mask objectxxxx
MoSpline parametric spline generator with L-system functionalityxx
Effectors for Position, Scale, Rotation, Color, Time using Falloff, Shader, Random, Formula, Delay, C.O.F.F.E.E., Python, Inheritance, Sound, Spline, Step, Target, Time or Volume effectorsx*xx
PolyFX polygon fracture deformerxx
MoGraph Selection tagxx
Beat Shaderxx
MoGraph Multi-shaderxx
* Fracture Object, Plain and Random Effectors only after registration
Character Animation ToolsLitePrimeBroadcastVisualizeStudio
Character object / autoriggerx
CMotion – parametric walk systemx
Joints with full dynamic IKxxxx
Skin Deformer supports linear, spherical and blended deformation based on jointsxxxx
Weight Manager and toolsxxxx
Auto weightingxxxx
PoseMorph morphing and hierarchical mixing systemx
Mirror, Naming and Paint Toolsxxxx
Weight effectorxxxx
VAMP tool for translating weights, morphs, selection, textures, Uvs and vertex maps between different geometryx
Tension tagx
Quaternion tagx
Point Cache tagxxxx
Muscle deformerx
Visual Selectorx
Hair Simulation and RenderingLitePrimeBroadcastVisualizeStudio
Guide-based Hair systemx
Hair instancingx
Feather objectx
Fur systemx
Hair styling tools: Move, Scale, Rotate, Brush, Comb, Clump, Curl, Cut, Push, Straighten, Add Guides, Mirror, Set Rootsx
Hair dynamicsx
Hair shading system with multiple speculars, texture-defined root and tip colors, and variable transparency, thickness, length, scale, frizz, kink, density, clump, tighten, displace, bend, curl, twist, wave, straightenx
Essential presets and demo scenesxxxxx
Advanced presets and demo scenesx
Broadcast Library, incl. materials, cameras and objectsxx
Visualization Library, incl. materials, presets and architectural objectsxx
Lite Library, incl. materials, cameras and objectsxx
Completely reworked Content Libraryxxxx


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