Release 12.043

MAXON arbeitet stets an der Verbesserung von CINEMA 4D und BodyPaint 3D. Mit dem neuen kostenlosen Update auf Release 12.043 erhalten MAXON Kunden ab sofort Zugriff auf die Ergebnisse dieser Arbeit. Es wird für alle Besitzer der Version R12 empfohlen.

Besonders erwähnenswert ist das neu hinzugekommene Tool „Szene zusammenfassen“. Hiermit können importierte CAD-Dateien noch besser bearbeitet werden – Objekte mit gleichen Materialien und solche die auf einer Ebene liegen, können nun zusammengefasst werden, was  die Objektzahl reduziert und somit die Szene optimiert. Auch das Entfernen deaktivierter und doppelter Textur- und Selektions-Tags ist nun möglich. Insbesondere der Umgang mit Daten aus Vectorworks, ArchiCAD und Allplan wird dadurch noch einmal erleichtert und beschleunigt.
Dieses Update ist kostenlos erhältlich für alle Besitzer von CINEMA 4D R12 und BodyPaint 3D R12 und kann über den Online Updater direkt aus der Software installiert werden. Das Update setzt voraus, dass CINEMA 4D Release 12.016 oder höher bereits installiert ist.

Eine Liste mit detaillierten Angaben zum Update finden Sie hier:


This update contains Release 12.043 of CINEMA 4D and BodyPaint 3D and is recommended for all users. It contains many fixes and one new important feature for users working with CAD scenes.

This update is highly recommended for all R12 users as it contains many improvements and fixes.

Combine Scene tool increases display speed of CAD scenes.

This new tool allows users to dramatically increase the performance when working with imported CAD files, such as projects from Allplan, ArchiCAD and Vectorworks. This type of scene often contains a large number of objects that can slow the editor display and workflow in CINEMA 4D. The Combine Scene tool can merge objects of the same material or the same layer into one object, thus greatly reducing the number of objects, which results in a much faster display in the Viewport.
Character Animation

  • When saving a file containing IK expressions is disabled, Pole Vector will be positioned correctly.
  • After creating a cube, subdividing it, adding Joints and finally adding a Weight tag, a click on the Weight tag will no longer cause CINEMA 4D crash.
  • Jiggle: parts of GUI not responding has been fixed.
  • Activated Pose Morph results in Viewport are now updated and objects with Pose Morph applied to them can now be modified again.
  • Rendering scenes with Surface Deformer in NET Renderer now works.
  • Camera Deformer and Pose Morph tag can now be used together without causing problems with geometry not being updated in the Viewport.
  • Pose Morph: Post Deformers is now rendered correctly to Picture Viewer.
  • Base Pose Morph does not collapse when switching back-and-forth between Base Pose and Pose 1.
  • Selecting vertices by selecting bones is now working without troubles.
  • Hairstyles no longer affected by Linear Workflow.
  • Dynamics cache not resetting after frame dynamics has been enabled is fixed.
  • Collision dynamics producing additional collision meshes at the wrong locations has been fixed.
  • Bake no longer disabled (grayed-out button) when Dynamics is disabled.


  • Material Baking did not always initialize at frame 0 but now includes entire frame sequence.
  • The Layer Shader transform effect is no longer loaded in every frame.
  • Previously, a texture was not copied to the tex folder if a texture of the same name already existed in that folder. Issue solved.
  • Tile shader not working – fixed.
  • Normal maps no longer render with triangle artifacts.
  • Cheen Shader – incorrect transparency fixed.
  • Rendering large-format previews can now be halted, which avoids indefinite render times.
  • Loaded 2-bit bitmap images are not inverted anymore when loaded into material channel.
  • Isoparm not breaking anymore with Sketch & Toon.

Modeling & Objects

  • Center: Now works as expected when objects with Child objects are selected.
  • Magnet Tool – Radius precision fixed.
  • When working with a Symmetry object, Symmetry object is no longer displayed over original mesh when working in Edge mode.
  • Initializing Smooth Deformer no longer deletes scene.
  • Connect command now applies correct Normal tags.
  • Materials now applied only to selections, if desired.
  • Melt tool working again.
  • N-side rounding now works as expected.
  • Odd behavior in Spline Wrap fixed.
  • Using filters when selecting polygons now works as expected.
  • In Filter Manager, tags are no longer displayed with a question mark.


  • MoDynamics: keeping current state of simulated objects is now possible.
  • Disabling an Effector no longer deletes animation tracks.
  • Effector Shape Torus now works as expected.
  • Creating a Motion Clip no longer deletes the animation!


  • Sketch & Toon preferences can now be saved.
  • BodyPaint 3D prefs – Reset texture format back to default now work as expected.
  • Modified Sketch preferences are now saved.
  • Content Browser: no more broken links to preferences.
  • Preferences in Auto Save fixed.
  • Negative values can no longer be entered in Auto-Save.
  • Incorrect screen resolutionpreset fixed.


  • ap customdatatype_layerset fixed for use with Python.
  • 32-bit images are supported with byte sequence object.
  • InsertBaseDocument no longer setting incorrect ownership.
  • Old link field no longer returning old objects.
  • Wrong string format used in output of CPolygon corrected.
  • Coffeesymbolscache for NET Clients now complete.
  • HideElement & RemoveElement functions are no longer missing in GeDialog/SubDialog.
  • CallButton in Python now also works on tool buttons.
  • Typo fixed in CINEMA 4D Python module.


  • Changing pixel aspect ratio no longer changing output height.
  • No more white dots when rendering with Ambient Occlusion and GI.
  • Render quality of Volumetric lights the same with Linear Workflow on or off.
  • Sky sampler with Linear Workflow on now behaves the same as with Linear Workflow off.
  • Inconsistencies using Sub-Polygon Displacement fixed.
  • Motion Vector Pass works correctly with Sub-Polygon Displacement.
  • Occasional Render stall problem fixed.
  • Incorrectly applied Sketch & Toon effect when rendered with Multi-Pass and Linear Workflow now applied correctly.
  • Object highlights are now rendered, even with the object I.D. set.
  • Sub-Polygon Displacement issue fixed.
  • Lens effect horizontal streak working again.
  • Ambient Occlusion no longer generates artifacts.
  • Object Buffer Glow post effects now working as expected.
  • Bake Texture presets no longer affecting project settings.
  • Pixel lines now evaluated correctly.
  • Displacer emulation with Linear Workflow fixed.
  • Render inconsistencies between Release versions fixed.
  • Render Queue no longer stalls when checking global paths.
  • Net Client reset uses the command line arguments used for the original startup.
  • NET Render now creates multi-layer OpenEXR files.
  • GI: camera animation pre-pass rendering only working in camera animation – fixed.
  • GI creating files on desktop and using incorrect render mode – fixed.


  • X-ray in standard/EOGL now working correctly.
  • Incorrect object selection in editor – fixed.
  • Camera mapping material no longer shown on both sides.
  • Problems with files only being display in constant shading – fixed.
  • Near Clipping range problem fixed.
  • Viewport turning black and only displaying guidelines – fixed.
  • Enhanced OpenGL and transparency problems in Viewport fixed.
  • Standard OpenGL – display error related to Vectorworks 2011 export fixed.
  • OpenGL view mapping problems fixed.
  • Viewport omitting display of bump map & filter shader – fixed.
  • Objects no longer disappear when transparency is activated.
  • Render as OpenGL in combination with transparency now automatically disables anti-aliasing slider.
  • Timeline: Deleted track name can now be re-entered.
  • When Mouse Move is disabled, keyboard shortcuts could no longer be used with some Managers – fixed!


  • Baking error because of missing UVs now generates an error message, accordingly.
  • Phantom Hair Vertex tags no longer appear after a file is opened and saved in Hence, the crash that previously occurred will no longer occur.
  • Linear Workflow no longer modifies Gradients and Displacement.
  • Loading older file formats will no longer create missing Vertex Map tags.
  • Undo function is now much faster.
  • Combine command name now displayed correctly.
  • Typo in „Combine Scene“ command fixed.
  • Wrong saving out of Picture Viewer fixed.
  • Picture Viewer: Missing refresh of Power Slider now displayed properly.
  • When rendering a defined range of frames, the Picture Viewer preview range no longer collapses.
  • When using a filter in the Picture Viewer, the file is saved correctly.
  • Histogram mode window no longer cuts off the word Luminance.
  • Overall stability of program improved.

This update also includes the following improvements from 12.028 to 12.032:

  • Another Object mode now works with Nulls and Compound Collision Shape
  • NURBS objects will now be handled correctly

Global Illumination

  • Changing the sampling mode in an illuminating material now produces identical normal and bump map results

Installer / Updater

  • Long lists of items to install/update will now be displayed with scroll bar


  • Converting a HyperNURBS’ed object to polygons now keeps edge selections
  • Formulas can be negated with a simple „-“ instead of „*-1“
  • Line colors can again be changed
  • Sun object will now be deactivated when Sky object is switched off


  • Colorizer caused false editor display – fixed
  • Materials have all been unnecessarily rerendered after Save Project command
  • Identical texture names can now be used with Save Project command

Picture Viewer

  • Copy command now works during rendering
  • QuickTime videos with Alpha channel displayed wrong 1st frame – fixed
  • Loading videos over network was slow (Windows only) – fixed
  • When saving a 32-bit image as 8-bit or 16-bit it will receive an sRGB profile


  • When activating linear workflow, color profile settings will automatically be adjusted
  • Far clip and visible light could produce unwanted results – fixed
  • Unrendered material previews of closed scenes could be stuck in cache – fixed
  • ICC profiles for gray scale images now properly embedded
  • Lens Flare and Highlight post effects fixed
  • Quality of visible lights with Linear Workflow improved


  • Decreasing the grid size now also adjusts the axis arrows
  • Link Active Object command changed light source into camera – fixed
  • Undo view could accidently change setting on unwanted cameras – fixed


  • Python fixes
  • IK Dynamics
  • MoGraph formula
  • TP Undo

This update also includes the following improvements from 12.016 to 12.028:

  • Character animation tools (weighting, dynamic IK, stick mode)
  • Dynamics (caching, soft body behavior)
  • File exchange (FBX, VRML2)
  • Materials (faster preview rendering, wrong frame handling in animated textures, camera shader aspect ratio, Fresnel shader in Specularity channel fixed)
  • Modeling (Join Segment, Correction Deformer, memory leak fixed, Connect function fixed)
  • MoGraph (Shader Effector, Axis Tool in MoText, orientation problems fixed)
  • OpenGL (stacked materials, transparency, anisotropic, alpha display, ghosting with colors, texture flickering, screen redraw, clipping with skies, tinted poly selection, fresnel, interactive render region with PyroCluster)
  • Python (improved stability, behavior of various functions corrected)
  • Renderer (Render Queue, HDR Probe conversion, color temperature, motion vectors, straight alphas with LWF)
  • FBX and COLLADA import and export
  • PoseMorph
  • Weighting tools
  • Behavior of various Deformers
  • Dynamics
  • Python
  • Turtle Mode / L-System
  • OpenGL
  • Vector Motion Blur
  • Renderer
  • And more… (Animation and Timeline, Online Updater, Modeling tools, Preferences)

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