Cinema 4D for Concept Illustration

Cinema 4D Lösung

On July 14, 3:00 PM (CEST), Leon Tukker will show you how Cinema 4D’s MoGraph toolset can be used in combination with modifiers to quickly create a 3D scene as a base for a detailed concept illustration.

After exporting into Photoshop, multiple painting and composition techniques will be used to finalize the illustration.

The following topics will be covered:

  •    Exploring basic tools and  MoGraph techniques to generate a 3D base
  •    Applying tileable textures to create information to work from in Photoshop
  •    Painting over the 3D base using various painting and compositing techniques

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About the trainer

Leon Tukker is a freelance concept artist based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Working for clients like Paramount Pictures and Paizo, Leon uses a combination of Cinema 4D, octane renderer and Photoshop to create designs and illustrations.